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Pantry Organisation Jars

Easy Ways to Organise Your Pantry


If you’re anything like us, you’ll be approaching the new year with the task of wanting to clean up your pantry. Are you feeling overwhelmed at the task of sorting it all out?

Follow these 3 easy steps to make organising your pantry incredibly easy.


  1. Group dimension-similar items together

Pantries can be full of a variety of food items, ranging from fresh herbs and spices all the way through to dried and tinned goods. Maximise your space by grouping similar sized items together, such as cans of soup, or boxes of cereals to offer some uniformity to your pantry areas.


  1. Place the most-used items at eye level so you can grab them quickly

There will be items in your pantry which you’re most likely to use on a daily basis. Perhaps it’s your wide array of cereal boxes where each child has their own favourite! Keeping these at eye-level makes it easy to grab these and prevents you from straining your back stretching to reach them on high shelves


  1. Store bulky items on the bottom shelves and smaller items on the top shelves

Some items are more likely to be purchased in bulk; think pasta, rice, and other staple grains. These are best kept on bottom shelves as these will place strain when picking up and putting away, whilst taking up a lot of space. We recommend having open shelves at the bottom to store these bulky goods, whilst moving lighter, and less utilised goods to the top of the shelves where they will take up less valuable pantry space.


  1. Use clear containers to store food so you can see what’s inside

One of the best ways to clean up and really organise your pantry space is to move items away from the plastic wrappers and boxes you purchased them in and place them in clear containers. Not only does it allow you to see what is in each container, it provides uniformity to your pantry space with organisational jars with lids. Custom labels can really help with this to ensure a consistent look across your kitchen space, whilst being relatively inexpensive.

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We recognise that no two pantries will be the same; whether it's due to a difference in cuisine, lifestyle, or simply due to space, the following tips will make your pantry organisation that much easier. 


After some pantry inspiration? Check out our inspirations page, where our happy customers have shared how they've organised their own pantries. Visit here

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