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Circular Brush With Natural Fibre Head - Cirkel

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Circular bamboo wooden brush with tampico fibre. This versatile brush is suitable for cleaning pots, pans, dishes and vegetables. The tampico fibres are incredibly environment-friendly. The ergonomic design allows you to hold on the brush with ease and ensures a firm grip whist cleaning. Being biodegradable, this brush won’t pollute the environment like synthetic fibers. Additionally, it is suitable to use on all type of surfaces including non stick cookware. Once the product has come to its end life, you can compost it and it will return back to nature without causing any harm.
Try replacing your synthetic sponges and brushes to this eco friendly and durable item and take that extra step towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

Dimension: 10 x 12cm
Care: Cleanse with soapy water after use and leave to, drain water and leave to dry. Do not leave submerged in water for long periods of time.

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