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our story

Hi, I’m Keerthi and welcome to our So At Nature online store. My team and I created So At Nature to help families and individuals create eco-friendly, luxurious homes.  

Having taken a more active approach to being more sustainable in our own lives, we truly believe that small steps can make a big impact towards living in harmony with our planet. We want to encourage others to make a change too, however big or small.

Minimalism, Japandi , scandi interiors and slow living are all concepts which spark joy in us, and this is reflected in all our products that have been chosen for So At Nature.

While sustainable and eco-friendly products are good for ourselves and the planet, they don’t have to be bland. At So At Nature, we curate products that are unique and full of character to give your home a touch of luxury.

Let's Work On This Together

We all want to care for our planet and cause less harm, but changing our habits and consciously choosing environmentally-friendly products for our home can be difficult.  We want to step in and help you choose elegant, high quality and sustainable products for your home and lifestyle.

Being aware of the detrimental effect plastic has on our planet, So At Nature’s mission is to reduce the use of single-use plastic and introduce more sustainable materials such as glass, wood, ceramics and metal.

Our products are carefully chosen to be eco-friendly yet be stylish and durable.  By choosing our products, you will have peace of mind that you are doing your bit to reduce land fill.

Sustainable Packaging

We take pride in only using recyclable / biodegradable / recycled materials to safely deliver our products to you. 

Our cardboard boxes are made with FSC certified renewable resources. We protect the fragile items with loose fill that are made with corn and wheat starch. These can be dissolved and washed away or put into your compost. There is no adding to the landfill or polluting our oceans with our packaging. 

Our Thank You cards are handmade paper containing seeds. After you have read our personal message to you, just plant the paper in some soil, give it some TLC and see the little seeds sprout and turn into wild flowers, herbs and even vegetables.

Perfectly Imperfect

Due to the way some of our products are made and transported to us, a fraction of them may have minor scratches / blemishes. These products are fully functional and will still look great in your homes. 

We want to reduce our carbon footprint by putting these items to good use, so we have offered these products  at a reduced cost.