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Cheese knife set with wooden handle (6 pieces) - Ost

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Introducing our stainless steel cheese knife set with wooden handle, the perfect companion for any cheese connoisseur or entertainer. This elegantly crafted set combines functionality, durability, and timeless design to enhance your cheese tasting experience.  Available in either brushed gold finish or matt black for you to compliment your decor.

Each knife in this set is expertly crafted from high-quality stainless steel, ensuring superior strength, corrosion resistance, and long-lasting performance. The sharp, precision-engineered blades effortlessly slice through a variety of cheese types, from soft and creamy Brie to hard and aged Cheddar, allowing you to enjoy each cheese's distinct flavor and texture.

This set includes a versatile assortment of knives, each designed to tackle specific cheese varieties. The cheese spreader knife is ideal for spreading soft cheeses onto crackers or bread, while the narrow plane knife effortlessly cuts through hard cheeses, creating neat and uniform slices. The pointed cheese knife is perfect for handling crumbly or semi-hard cheeses, allowing you to easily portion and serve.

Dimensions - max size of each piece - 12cm x 5cm.  Total 6 pieces in one set.

Care instruction: Hand wash only.  Do not soak in water.  Not dishwasher safe

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