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Laundry Storage Set for Baby & Kids - So At Nature

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The Baby Laundry set provides the utmost care and gentleness for your little one's delicate garments.

This curated set features:

2 x 1.0L clear glass bottle with screw cap lids - Sensitive Softener & Sensitive Detergent

1 x 1.2L clear glass jar with cork lid - Napisan


Whether your laundry space is modern or classic, our Baby Laundry Set effortlessly integrates, adding a touch of opulence to the everyday chore of washing baby clothes.

These jar provide the perfect storage solution for your child's laundry needs, keeping their clothes fresh and easily accessible to tackle tough stains and stubborn odours.

We pride ourselves on providing customisation, so if you would like to customise any of the labels, just enter the customisation in the personalisation box below!

Please note that this set does not include the softener, detergent, Napisan or the soft toy.

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