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Seeded Greetings Card - Birthday, Congratulations, Weddings - Individually or in Sets

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A thoughtful and eco-friendly way to celebrate special moments. Each card is more than just a heartfelt message – it's a gift that keeps on giving.

Crafted from premium, recycled paper embedded with a blend of seeds, these unique cards bring joy to both the recipient and the environment. The receiver can plant the card in soil, water it, and watch as vibrant wildflowers bloom, creating a beautiful and lasting memory. 

Our Seeded Greeting Cards cater to a variety of occasions, with many more options being added continuously. Each card features exquisite designs and comes with a blank interior for your personalized message.

Celebrate special moments while contributing to a greener, more beautiful world with our Seeded Greeting Cards.

Dimensions: Full card is A5 size - front of card is A6 (10.5cm x 15cm) 

Inklusive Steuer.

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