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Luxury Body Wash, Shampoo and Conditioner Dispenser Set - So At Nature

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Trio of amber glass bottles with matt black stainless steel pump lids.  This shampoo conditioner dispenser set, alongside a body wash dispenser, will truly add sophistication to any bathroom. 

The minimal and sleek label design will suit all interior styles whilst adding a touch of luxury. The matt white label is waterproof and durable and can easily be cleaned with a soft sponge / cloth.


This beautiful shampoo conditioner body wash dispenser set will also make a great gift for new home owners or anyone who loves luxurious accessories. 

These dispensers are easy to refill, assisting in reducing your plastic consumption around the home - large quantities can be purchased from refill stores, or by buying multi-packs in supermarkets. 

This set includes 3 empty amber glass bottles with a Body Wash dispenser, Shampoo dispenser and Conditioner dispenser, accompanying labels affixed and black stainless steel dispenser lid. 

After a single amber bottle? Perhaps a hand wash bottle instead? Check out the Lux

Dimension: 21cm x 7cm | 500ml

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