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Set of Three Cleaning Brushes - Kaksi

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A set of eco friendly cleaning brushes, selected for practicality and for multi use around your home.
These brushes are are made with natural fibres and wood, ensuring that once you are finished with the products, you can dispose of them or compost them without causing any damage to the environment. Not only are these brushes good for the environment and your home but also pleasing to the eye. All brushes are ergonomically designed allowing you to hold and use the brushes without slipping.
Try swapping your synthetic brushes for these consciously made cleaning brushes. This set would also serve as a great gift for an individual that is looking to take a step towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

Content: 1 x large wooden brush with a flat sisal head- Flad, 1 x long wooden brush with round head- Rund, 1 x long wooden dish brush with natural fibre and replacement head- Kenna
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