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What is Japandi Design?

What is Japandi Design?

Japandi Design: A Fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian Aesthetics


If you're anything like us, you’ll love the idea of a beautiful, minimalist home that is also environmentally sustainable. And what could be more sustainable than using products and furnishings that are made to last? That's where Japandi design comes in.

Japandi design is a fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics. It emphasizes natural materials, clean lines, and a minimalistic approach to design. Japandi-style homes are uncluttered and serene, with a focus on simplicity and functionality. So At Nature’s products are cemented on Japandi design principles.


The Origins of Japandi Design

In Japan, the aesthetic principles of wabi-sabi emphasize simplicity, imperfection, and the beauty of nature. Wabi-sabi homes are uncluttered and serene, with a focus on making use of every space. The Japanese tradition of shoji screens is also evident in Japandi homes, which often incorporate sliding doors or dividers made of natural materials such as wood or paper.

Scandinavian design principles, on the other hand, emphasize functionality and simplicity. These homes are often decorated with modern furnishings made of natural materials such as wood or stone. Nordic countries such as Denmark and Sweden are also leaders in sustainable design, which is another key component of Japandi homes.


Japandi Design in Practice

So how does all this translate into actual homes? Here are some key elements of Japandi design:

  • An emphasis on natural materials such as wood, paper, stone, and bamboo
  • Furnishings with clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic
  • A focus on simplicity and functionality
  • A neutral colour palette with pops of black or white
  • Shoji screens or sliding doors for dividing spaces
  • Sustainable practices such as upcycling or using recycled materials

 So At Nature has a range of Japandi-inspired products which will be ideal for your home. It's time to embrace the beauty of simplicity!

Plant Mister - Vax

Wooden Wall Hook - Hela

Amber Laundry Gallon Bottle - Hirobiro

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