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Hand Soap and Dish Soap Clear Glass Bottles With Metal Silver Pump Lid 500ml - Hanker

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Clear glass hand soap and dish soap bottles with silver metal pump lids. This the perfect pair for a touch of sophistication to any kitchen. 

The minimal and sleek label design will suit all interior styles whilst adding a touch of luxury.

The matt white label is waterproof and durable and can easily be cleaned with a soft sponge/ cloth.

This beautiful set will also make a great gift for new home owners or anyone who loves luxurious accessories. 

Reduce your plastic consumption around your house by buying large volume shampoos and body washes or refill these bottles at your local refill shop. 

This set includes 2 empty amber glass bottles with your choice of labels including our most popular 'Hand Soap and Dish Soap' option. Wooden tray in the picture not included, 

After a single bottle? Check out the Hanke

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